£7k Pink Fridays!

Support Breast Cancer Care & win SEVEN cash jackpots!

Our seven sister sites have joined forces to support Breast Cancer Care charity during Breast Cancer Awareness month! Show your support & help us raise money for BCC by joining our seven Pink Friday games. We’ll match every £1 card you buy into the game with a £1 donation to the charity. 

Play our Pink Friday games across all seven sites and YOU could win the below jackpots. Plus, 2 lines winners get £50 & 1 line winners – £20 prizes!

£7k Pink Fridays
Site Date Jackpot
Bingostreet 11th October £500
BigBrotherBingo 11th October £500
Tasty 18th October £1,000
Redbus 18th October £1,000
888ladies 25th October £1,000
Posh 25th October £1,000
Wink 1st November £2,000

Buy your £1 cards for all our £7k Pink Fridays games TODAY! You’ll find them under the Specials tab on Wink Bingo, 888ladies, Tasty Bingo, RedBus Bingo, BigBrotherBingo, Posh Bingo & BingoStreet.

Terms & Conditions

£7k Pink Fridays!

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Posh Bingo is in a giving mood this Christmas

Have you made your Christmas wish list yet?

The festive season is fast approaching and Posh Bingo is getting into the swing of things by spreading more than a little joy in the coming weeks.

While it’s always nice to receive presents, we’re all about the giving!

To start off, we’ve got some fantastic weekend offers for our lovely bingo players to take advantage of. Those making a deposit of between £10 and £100 on Friday November 15th can receive a 75% bonus when they enter the code POSH.

On Saturday and Sunday, players can snap up a 70% bonus by typing in the code TREAT. It’s still November and already Posh Bingo is taking on the role of Father Christmas! Our Instant Game of the Week is also definitely worth checking out between November 15th and 21st.

Taking a ride on the Sugar Train is a great way to give yourself a chance of winning a share of £400. Christmas is always a time when we can get away with putting our diets to one side for a while and over-indulging in chocolates, cakes and mulled wine. Don’t feel guilty, we all do it!

Just to make sure you have got enough tasty treats to choose from this year, we are giving away three amazing festive hampers. All you have to do to enter is type in the code HAMPER when you deposit £10 or more between November 15th and 20th.

Not only will we enter you into the draw for the wonderful selection of Yuletide treats, you’ll also receive the customary 50% reload bonus. Christmas has clearly come early this year!

Rest assured, we’re just warming up and you can expect even more jaw-dropping promotions and giveaways as we get closer to the big day, so watch this space. How did that famous festive song go? I wish it could be Christmas every day. With Posh Bingo, it pretty much is!

Posh Bingo is in a giving mood this Christmas

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Let the Christmas shopping commence!

Are you the type of person who likes to get your Christmas shopping done early, or are you one of these laidback types who waits until the very last minute?

While it is tempting to put it off for as long as possible, the thought of being swept along by the sea of frantic consumers in your local shopping centre is enough to give anyone nightmares.

At Posh Bingo, we simply don’t do stress. We’re definitely ladies of leisure!

The build-up to the festive season should be a joyous and relaxing time for all and instead of traipsing along the freezing cold high street, you should be sat at home in your favourite onesie, playing online bingo next to a roaring fire.

Why would you want to brave the elements when we have so many wonderful offers for you to take advantage of?

Christmas might be a month away, but we’re already getting into the spirit of things with our Free Card Offer.

Between November 29th and December 4th, players who use the SANTA code when they deposit £10 or more will get a 50% bonus and a free card into next week’s Xmas Gift game.

With a Sony Vaio laptop up for grabs, this is certainly not a game you want to miss out on!

As you know, we pride ourselves on our generosity and there are plenty of other offers and promotions for you to explore this weekend.

On Friday (November 29th), you can use the FAB code when making a deposit between £10 and £100 in order to receive an 85% bonus.

Then, on Saturday and Sunday, players can enter the GIFT code to get their hands on another 85% bonus – we just keep delivering the treats, don’t we?!

You never know, you could win a huge jackpot that will pay for all of your Christmas presents and cover the cost of plenty of mince pies and mulled wine too.

Merry Christmas indeed!

Let the Christmas shopping commence!

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Start 2014 with a bang!

Have you set yourself a New Year’s resolution yet?

Perhaps you could do with laying off the booze and cigarettes in 2014, or maybe you want to shed a few inches from your waistline.

It’s all well and good going into a new year with good intentions, but sticking to your plans can be really difficult.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of people fall off the wagon before they have even taken down their Christmas decorations, but will next year be different?

At Posh Bingo, we don’t care how strong your willpower is.

We love you all equally, which is why everyone will get the chance to kick off 2014 with a real bang!

Our ‘Happy £2014!‘ promotion gets underway on January 1st and you can win a share of £2,014 – see what we did there?

Cards cost just 30p and you can significantly enhance your chances of winning by buying up to 96 of them.

A full house will land you £1,000, while players who complete two lines will get £600. The remaining £414 (maths has always been our strong point!) will be awarded to anyone who finishes one line.

The game will take place at 9.30pm and players should head to our Specials tab.

If you are lucky enough to win the jackpot, what would you spend the money on?

Maybe you could give yourself a better chance of sticking to your New Year’s resolution by paying for a gym membership or a few healthy eating recipe books.

Or, here’s an idea, perhaps you could book yourself a two-week holiday in an exotic part of the world as a reward for sticking to your diet for a few months.

What more incentive do you need to lose weight than the thought of lying on a sun-baked beach with an ice cold margarita in one hand and your favourite Jane Austen Novel in the other?

Sounds pretty good to us!

Start 2014 with a bang!

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£1k Trick or Treat

Get nothing but treats this Halloween! Play our £1k Trick or Treat game on Thurs 31 Oct @ 9pm and win a share of £1,000 CASH for just 25p! To add an extra thrill to the game, we’ve got a cheeky trick up our sleeve… The lucky 1 LINE WINNER will get the sweetest candy and will take home the LARGEST share of the £1k jackpot!

1 line: £500
2 Lines: £300
Full House: £200

Pre-buy your 25p cards to this terrific game now & wait for the chilling knock on your door this Halloween…

Game Details:
Promo: £1k Trick or Treat

When: Thurs 31 Oct @ 9pm

Where:  Specials tab > £1k Trick or Treat room

Prize: £1,000 real funds FH £200 / 2L £300 / 1L £500

Cards cost: 25p

Terms & Conditions:

£1k Trick or Treat

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Choose your Nightmare!

Choose your nightmare wisely – there are prizes & cash at stake!

Join in with our 1k Choose your Nightmare tourney this October for a chance to win cinema vouchers and cash worth £1,000!

From 11th – 25th October, choose to play either Bloodlines OR Bloodsuckers, earn tourney points & climb the tourney leaderboards. The top 25 players who are on the instant game leaderboard that has accumulated the most points overall, win a share of the £500 cash! PLUS, if you’ve wagered a minimum of £20 on either slot, you’ll automatically get an entry into a raffle to win 10 x £50 Cinema Vouchers!

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Terms & Conditions

Choose your Nightmare!

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Posh Bingo Goes Bonus Crazy!

We all like to treat ourselves at the weekend, don’t we?

It’s quite acceptable to reward yourself for sticking to a carb-free diet all week by having a burger and chips on a Saturday night.

Having spent all week answering calls, responding to emails and taking orders from our bosses, we are entitled to let our hair down with a glass of wine or two once the clock strikes 5pm on a Friday.
Bonus Weekend on Wink Bingo!
At Posh Bingo, we believe we should all try to make the most of our weekends.

Because we love you all so dearly, we have launched several special weekend promotions that are sure to put a great big smile on your face.

For a limited time only, we are offering you the chance to pick up huge bonuses when depositing as little as £10.

On Friday November 8th, players can receive an incredible 85% bonus when depositing between £10 and £100. All you have to do is enter the code AUTUMN into the cashier when making a deposit.

Talk about getting that Friday feeling!

We are also offering a 75% bonus on Saturday and Sunday when people enter the code GOLD.

The weather may be lousy, but with Posh Bingo providing wonderful instant games such as Autumn Gold, you don’t need to go outside anyway.

By wagering a minimum of £10, you have a shot at winning a share of £350.

This game is only available between November 8th and 14th, so don’t miss out!

You might also like to take part in our Instant Game of the Week, which sees our top five wagerers pick up a slice of a £400 jackpot. Not too shabby at all.

This week’s game is Superman, with the first placed player receiving £120, while the rest of the top five will scoop £100, £80, £60 and £40 respectively.

It’s safe to say that we at Posh Bingo have given you everything you need for an enjoyable and profitable weekend!


Posh Bingo Goes Bonus Crazy!

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£6k Christmas Dinner Party!

// Join the festive fun  on Posh Bingo this Christmas and tuck into a share of cash & prizes worth £6,000!

We’ll be serving up roast potatoes, a delicious turkey & even a tasty pudding stuffed full of cash jackpots! Plus, if you’re lucky, you could get your hands on some fantastic gifts just in time for Christmas!

Get your cards to our Christmas jackpots & see what goodies land in your Christmas stocking this year!

Xmas Gifts Prize: Win either a Playstation 4, Sony Vaio Laptop, 32” Widescreen 3D TV.
When: Saturday 30th Nov, 7th Dec & 14th Dec @ 9pm
: Specials tab > Xmas Presents room. Card Price: 10p
Min & Max cards per player
: 1 – 96
: Prize changes every Saturday over a three week period.

Register to play online bingo

£2,000 Xmas Turkey
Prize: FH: £1,000, 2L: £700, 1L: £300
When: Christmas Eve – Tuesday 24th Dec @ 9:45pm
Where: Specials tab > £2k Xmas Turkey room.
Card Price: 25p
Minimum & Maximum cards per player: 1 – 96

Register to play online bingo

£1,000 Xmas Pudding
Prize: FH: £500, 2L: £300, 1L: £200
When: Christmas Day – Wednesday 25th Dec @ 9pm
Where: Specials tab > £1K Xmas Pudding room.
Card Price: 6p
Minimum & Maximum cards per player: 1 – 96

Register to play online bingo

Not full up? More delicious jackpots coming soon so you better make some room!

Terms & Conditions

  • Only funded players are eligible to take part of the £6k Christmas Dinner offer.
  • Cards into the Xmas Gift game cost 10p with min 1 card – Max 96 card buy in.
  • Cards into the £2,000 Christmas Turkey cost 25p with min 1 card – Max 96 card buy in.
  • Cards into the £1,000 Xmas Turkey cost 25p with min 1 card – Max 96 card buy in.
  • Jackpot prizes will be credited to winner’s account immediately after winning the game.
  • If there is more than one winner on the Xmas Gift games, the prize value will be split amongst the winners.
  • Any winner of a tangible prize on the Xmas Gift games that is based outside of the UK will only be eligible to receive bonus funds or an Amazon voucher equivalent of the prize value.
  • The make & model of tangible prizes in the Xmas Gift games may be subject to change. An alternative prize of the same value & type will be provided in the event that the stated prize is not in stock.
  • Tangible prizes will be dispatched to the winner once their postal address has been confirmed. Winners will be contacted via phone &/or email. Please allow up to 60 days for receipt of prize.
  • In the event that the Promoter deems that a participant has executed any act in bad faith in relation to the Promotion, such participant shall be excluded from the Promotion and therefore become ineligible to win the any of the final jackpot prizes.
  • Free cards won to any of the above jackpots will be credited no later than 3 working days before respective game date.
  • Self-excluded players will not be eligible to win regardless of whether cards are credited.
  • In order to participate in the Promotion you must have a valid user account with the Promoter at the Site. If, during the Promotion Period, or a winner receives any of the final jackpot prizes, such participant’s or winner’s account with the Promoter at the Site is closed, blocked, or self-excluded from promotional offers, the      participant or winner will not be eligible to win the any of the final jackpot prizes.
  • The winner’s names may be disclosed by the Promoter at its sole discretion to any third party.
  • By participating in the Promotion you agree to release, discharge and hold harmless the Promoter, its legal representatives, affiliates, subsidiaries, agencies and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents, from any damages whatsoever arising out of the Promotion or the awarding of the Final Jackpot Prize.
  • The winner(s) shall be solely responsible for paying any relevant taxes levied in relation to the receipt or payment of the Final Jackpot Prize.
  • By accepting any Prize and/or winnings from the Company, promotion winners consent to the use of their personal details, including but not limited to, full name, the city in which they live, photographs of them and to also provide commentary about winning the Prize/tournament for advertising and promotional purposes without additional compensation except where prohibited by law.
  • Your participation in the Promotion will be deemed to be your agreement for the Promoter to use your name, details, likeness, image or any other information for marketing and promotional purposes without the requirement for any payment and you hereby grant the Promoter with the right to do so.
  • The winner(s) will have to supply the Promoter with a photograph of his or herself, within 14 days of the delivery of the jackpots, and must agree to be interviewed (including being taped) on behalf of the Promoter in connection with their winning; the winners hereby agree to allow the Promoter to use (include broadcast) the interview for any marketing and/or promotional purposes.
  • The Promoter shall have no obligation to pay the jackpots in the event of an erroneous win due to bugs or defects in the Promoter’s Final Jackpot Game, as such shall be determined solely by the Promoter and at its absolute discretion.
  • The Promoter reserves the right (at any time) to amend, modify, remove and update the promotion or any game schedules, at its sole discretion.
  • Full T&C’s of the site apply.

£6k Christmas Dinner Party!

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Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo

Wink Bingo is a popular online bingo site that was launched back in 2008. Since launch, the name Wink Bingo has become widely known and the site now has literally thousands of members. Wink Bingo has managed to gain a strong reputation in the competitive online bingo space and has received numerous awards recognising its popularity.

Wink Bingo has fantastic graphics and an easy to navigate home page. This ensures that playing on the site is both a stress free and pleasurable experience.

Among the many reasons for Wink Bingo`s popularity are its continuous promotions and offers. These are some of the best on the web and contribute to the strong customer loyalty to the site. The Wink Bingo site has plenty of regular promotions in addition to special promotions that change regularly throughout the year. At the time of writing, the site has a 5k Shopping Spree promotion, allowing players to win an unbelievable shopping experience. Other top promotions include the chance to take part in an online Wet and Wild chat party and guaranteed jackpot games. When you win on Wink Bingo, you win big. There are regular guaranteed jackpots with life changing prizes. In addition to winning cash, Wink players have the chance to win top holidays such as cruises around the Caribbean.

The social element of Wink Bingo is also top notch. Players are friendly and fun and there is a real sense of community. Wink Bingo works to promote this by giving players the chance to win some attractive prizes through chat games and other incentives. The site is currently holding a Team Bingo promotion where players are put into a team and collectively try to win as many points as possible. The team with the most points will win prizes. Not only does this offer the chance to get some extra cash, it also represents an opportunity to meet new people and have some fun.

Wink Bingo has an wide choice of games available. In addition to 75 and 90 ball bingo rooms, there are other hot games on the site. Players can choose from slot games such as Monkey Paradise, Fruit Machine and lucky spell. There are Instant games such as Arcade horses and scratchcards, together with Casino games such as Video Poker and Roulette. Players will certainly never become bored with Wink Bingo.

When choosing an online bingo site, its customer service record and facilities are important. Recognising this, Wink Bingo has an excellent standard of customer service. Players are able to contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week via the live chat option. This means that it is possible to talk instantly to a Wink Bingo member of staff and to resolve any problems there and then. Alternatively, players can send an email which will be answered within 24 hours. Those who prefer to talk to someone directly offline can ring Wink Bingo`s freephone number 24/7. This means that in the event that a problem should arise, Wink Bingo should ensure fast and efficient service.

Although Wink Bingo is a relatively new site, it is already one of the most popular online. Visually the site is engaging and the offers and promotions are among the most generous around. Wink Bingo has a wide selection of games and excellent customer service, making it well worth a visit.

Wink Bingo is one of the premier online bingo websites that one would see on the UK online bingo circuit at present. A wide variety of online bingo games along with a cheerful and friendly atmosphere makes this a favourite among UK online bingo players. Wink Bingo offers a mix of 75 ball and 90 ball bingo games in a variety of regular and special games. There are fixed jackpots, progressive jackpots, coverall jackpots, weekly games with prizes, Free Bingo games, Penny Bingo and a variety of entertaining Instant Games that a Wink Bingo member can play. New members are given a free £15 bonus on signing up no deposit required and will receive a 200% Sign On Bonus on their first deposit. All subsequent deposits get a 50% match bonus too. Wink Bingo also gives its members a 10% cash back bonus on their weekly losses too. There are regular fixed jackpots that are played at Wink Bingo. The Daily Delights carries £150 guaranteed jackpot and is up on offer every day. The Monthly Madness carries a larger prize of £1,000 and is played once a month.

These two jackpots are on offer every month with a different theme, totalling more than £5,000 in guaranteed jackpots in a month.’ The Wink Bingo progressive jackpots are the Moneyball and the Full House.

The Moneyball is a 75-ball progressive jackpot while the Full House is a 90-ball bingo progressive jackpot. As with progressive jackpots, online bingo players must call bingo within a specified number of balls to win them. The Wink Bingo progressive jackpots regularly pay out big cash prizes, sometimes to the tune of few thousand Pounds. The Huge Guaranteed Jackpots section at Wink Bingo has the best selection of bingo jackpots one can find at a single online bingo website in the UK. With more than £40,000 in prizes in a month these jackpot bingo games are Coverall jackpots played weekly or monthly at Wink Bingo. Online bingo players have a chance at winning anything from £1,000 to £10,000 in guaranteed prizes in these 75-ball and 90-ball guaranteed jackpot bingo games. The £5 Million and the £1 Million Club 75 ball jackpots along with the £10k Club jackpots are the biggest guaranteed jackpots on Wink Bingo. Wink Bingo has not only introduced Free Bingo games but also gives online bingo players two daily chances to win cash jackpots in the Free Bingo games. There are two Free Bingo games with £50 guaranteed, everyday. Risk-free Bingo is another very attractive and popular online bingo game at Wink Bingo. This is played every

Friday and carries a guaranteed prize of £500 cash. Every player who does not win the prize gets all the money spent on that game refunded. It is completely risk-free. Special ‘Winktastic’ games are also hosted where the prizes are quite huge. Players have won mega prizes ranging from Tiffany Diamonds, Cruises in the Caribbean and even a brand new Mini Cooper car. These Winktastic bingo promotions are really worth looking forward to and they generate a huge response from online bingo enthusiasts. Lively chat rooms with friendly chat hosts where online bingo players can interact, an exclusive social network for Wink Bingo members called WinkMe, great bingo promotions and games, and innumerable opportunities to win cash and prizes make this online bingo website a cut above the rest. Wink Bingo completely deserves its position at the top of the UK online bingo industry.

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Think Bingo

Think Bingo

Think Bingo are one of the longest standing online bingo websites have ramped up their first deposit bonus to a massive 400%! This is great news for all new online bingo players who can have a go with Think Bingo, a first deposit of just £10 into your account, will give you a huge £40 bingo bonus free to play with for much longer!, giving you a very nice bulls eye (£50) to play online bingo with.

Think Bingo’s community has over 6000 registered members which gives you an idea on how good Think are at keeping their members happy!. Think have also started a loyalty scheme where you can collect “Think Points” when you play games and introduce your friends, so you’ll rarely need to top up your account! By becoming a Think Bingo VIP, members can get even better rewards including generous cash back offers and exclusive competitions.

The 400% first time deposit bonus is the biggest and best first deposit bonus offer we have ever seen in online Bingo and it will multiply the fun you get from trying Think Bingo out. The 400% deposit bonus will even work on a small £5 deposit!, deposits made after your first one will also be boosted with a lifetime 50% deposit bonus offer giving you a lot of online bingo play for your money.

If you want some fun bingo tonight, your money will last alot longer with Think Bingo thanks to the 400% deposit bonus, you may even get lucky and walk away with much more than that!, give Think a try now.

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