How to Play Bingo Online

Do you like a good game of bingo?, perhaps your local club closed down when then smoking ban came into effect in the UK and you want to get back to playing. Good news!, all the big bingo companies have web sites on which you can play exactly the same game from the comfort of your own home on your computer.

Online bingo is the new way to play bingo for fun, since USA bingo and poker sites were made illegal now the UK is the only country where you can really play bingo online. Online bingo is played the same way as regular bingo except you have full instructions on how to use each site while you play (no need to feel lost if you are new to bingo!, plenty of people will help you out as you play)

Once you sign up with one or more of your favourite bingo sites, when you are in the bingo game room, all you need do then is to purchase cards (books) using the quick pick or buy cards menu on the site.

Multi Card Auto Daubing

You can usually have up to 50 books on the go in any game, and you don’t have to worry about keeping up to speed with them all as you can set the computer to mark cards automatically for you - how easy is that!

A display shows the numbers that are called out in the game which are matched with those on the cards you bought at the start of the game. No two cards are the same as the computer takes care of ensuring that everyone gets unique cards.

Players generally play several cards at once to maximise their chances of winning. Having your cards atomatically marked ensures that you never miss a number and your chances stay high for the big win!.

A good thing with online bingo is that your cards are automatically sorted with the best cards in the top left of the screen, as with regular bingo the player with the first card that has all the required spots of the pattern wins the free bingo game cash prize.

Friendly Online Chat

Another big attraction of online bingo is that you can chat with other players easily. There are always plenty of friendly players who congratulate each other when someone wins, its a real community spirit. There are bingo acronyms used by some of the more experienced players such as “GL” (GOOD LUCK!), there are not too many acronyms so you will be up and running with bingo chat in no time at all.

Now you are ready to have a look through some of the bingo and other gambling related web site reviews listed on the left to start playing with sites where you feel lucky.

Bingo Tip

A good way to increase your chances of winning is to play when there are less players than usual such as in the morning or the evening, with less opposition you are more likely to get a line or two or even the big money full house!.

Yet another advantage of bingo online is that you can play when it suits you, rather than waiting to go to the hall on a sunday evening, simply log on and start playing.

Remember every day people are winning lots of money with online bingo, so get signed up with a site or two and GOOD LUCK!

Fancy some free bingo money to get you started on those bingo jackpots?